Viral News : Rain of money from stock market investment, student earned 664 crore rupees in a single month

New York : There is no telling when an investment in the stock market will pay off. Many people have earned crores of rupees by investing in the stock market and many have lost crores of rupees. But there has been an incident where a student in America made a profit of Rs 664 crore from the stock market in just one month. A student studying Applied Mathematics and Economics has earned this income. 

This 20-year-old student named Jack Freeman had invested 215 crore rupees in the stock market. A month later, he sold his shares and made a whopping profit of Rs 879 crore. He has earned 664 crore rupees from this transaction. 

Jack Freeman is studying Plaid Mathematics and Economics at the University of Southern California. He bought shares of Bed Bath and Beyond for Rs 50 lakh a month ago. A month later, the price of this share increased to Rs 2160. Then Jack sold all these shares and made a huge profit. Jack said that he had borrowed money from his friends and relatives. Now Jack and his family are afraid of kidnapping. 

Inspite of earning millions of rupees, Jack Freeman has said that nothing has changed in his life. He said that no one knows him much in the university, so he will continue his education. He also explained that there is no plan of what to do with the money received. 

Just last week, the CEO of this bank, Gustavo Arnal, committed suicide. He was accused of insider trading. The shares of Bed Bath and Beyond have now fallen sharply and the share has reached Rs 560. Due to this, the company has incurred a huge loss and the company is facing financial difficulties. As a result, the company has closed several stores, as well as reduced the number of employees. 

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