Vijaya Gadde: Former Twitter executive Vijaya Gadde under suspicion; Excitement with Musk’s tweet

Vijaya Gadde: Twitter is constantly in the news after Elon Musk bought Twitter. Now that Musk has revealed the ‘Twitter files’, there has been a stir in American politics once again. It is being claimed that Twitter deliberately hid some things during the US presidential election. Twitter is being accused of deliberately hiding some things related to Hunter Biden, the son of US President Joe Biden. The then Twitter executive Vijaya Gadde is being claimed to be involved and demands are being made to arrest him. 

Musk’s Twitter Files

Elon Musk has retweeted a tweet by freelance journalist and author Matt Tabby. In this, Twitter censored Hunter Biden’s laptop story. It has been revealed who exactly was behind it, how this censorship happened. 

Here we go!! 🍿🍿

— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) December 2, 2022

What about Hunter Biden?

The US presidential elections were fierce. Many things were revealed in the laptop of Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden. This included his private photos and videos. Apart from that, there was shocking information about how much was spent on Callgirl. Hunter Biden’s laptop went in for repair. It is said that these things in the laptop were leaked at that time. The news about this was given by an American newspaper. This case had an impact on the US presidential election. 

How is Twitter censored? 

According to freelance journalist Matt Tabby, the New York Post published a Hunter Biden story on October 14, 2020. It also cited Hunter Biden’s e-mails and published the news with all the evidence. The New York Post then shared the news on its Twitter account. But Twitter moved to suppress the news. 

According to journalist Matt Tabby, to prevent the spread of Hunter Biden news, Twitter turned off the option to send news tweets in direct messages. Then they started blocking the news keeping it in the category of child pornography. 

Twitter placed Hunter Biden’s callgirl news in the ‘unsafe’ category and removed all links related to the news. According to journalist Matt Tabby, all of these steps related to Hunter Biden were taken by Twitter executives and then Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey was not informed. 

Important role of Vijaya Gadde

Indian-origin Twitter executive Vijaya Gadde played the most important role in censoring Hunter Biden’s news on Twitter. Twitter’s then Head of Legal, Policy and Trust was Vijaya Gadde. After Musk bought Twitter, Vijaya Gadde was fired from Twitter. Vijaya Gadde was instrumental in suspending Donald Trump’s Twitter account. Vijaya Gadde’s role in suppressing Hunter Biden’s news is now being demanded to be jailed.  

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