Video: Imran Khan seen in gas mask outside the house, party workers celebrated for not being arrested

Video: Imran Khan seen in gas mask outside the house, party workers celebrated for not being arrested

Imran Khan Arrest Row: Uproar continues regarding the arrest of former Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan. Meanwhile, the police has been removed from outside Imran Khan’s house. After this the atmosphere has calmed down a bit. Minutes after the withdrawal of the security forces, Imran Khan was seen outside the house in a gas mask, the video of which is also going viral. 

According to media reports, after the security was removed from outside the house, Imran Khan came out of the house wearing a transparent gas mask. Here he spoke to his supporters. Significantly, the Pakistani army was also forwarded on Wednesday regarding the arrest of Imran Khan. Although the success did not come.

There was fierce ruckus between police and supporters 

Earlier, there was a lot of ruckus between the police and his supporters regarding the arrest of Imran Khan. Tear gas shells, burnt tires and wreckage of vehicles on the roads are evidence of how violent the clash was. Seeing the matter worsening, the Lahore High Court ordered that he should not be arrested till Thursday. 

It was said on behalf of the Lahore High Court that until the order is issued from the Islamabad High Court, the police should stop their operation in Zaman Park for the arrest of Imran Khan. However, this order will be effective only till 10 am tomorrow (Thursday 16 March). At the same time, the siege of the area by law enforcement agencies will continue till further orders.

PTI workers celebrate not being arrested 

Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) party workers celebrated fiercely after the police and the administration returned to arrest Imran Khan. Along with this, it was tweeted from the official Twitter handle of the party. In the tweeted video, PTI supporters are seen celebrating. Along with this, he claims that he pushed back the police who came to arrest the former prime minister. 

Imran khan seen wearing protective gas mask in his residence while his supporters are risking their lives on streets. Zaman_Park_Lahore ZamanPark_under_attack

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Imran Khan is accused of buying gifts received during his prime ministership from Toshakhana at low prices and selling them for profit. In this case, the government is making efforts to arrest him. He tweeted on Wednesday that clearly the claim of arrest is just a drama, as the real intention is to kidnap and kill. After tear gas and water cannons, they opened fire. I signed a bond last evening, but the Deputy Inspector General of Police (DIG) refused to accept it. Their intentions are malicious, there is no doubt about it. 

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