US On Taiwan: US Troops Ready to Defend Taiwan; Biden’s warning to China

US On Taiwan: While there is tension between China and Taiwan, US President Joe Biden has made an important statement. Warning to China is. In an interview, Biden explained that he is with the US to defend Taiwan. 

US President Joe Biden was asked a question about Taiwan in an interview. When asked if the US military would try to defend Taiwan, he said yes. Biden said that America will protect Taiwan in case of an unprecedented attack. 

This is said to be the clear stance taken by President Joe Biden regarding Taiwan in recent times. America’s role is to stand by Taiwan. However, Biden has now taken a more clear stance on it. It now takes a stand that US troops can land on Taiwan soil. The White House spokesperson also clarified that there has been no change in the US policy towards Taiwan. 

Biden is currently in Britain for the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II. Biden gave an interview to CBS last week. In the nearly 60-minute interview, Biden made no comment on Taiwan independence, the ‘One China Policy’. 

Meanwhile, tensions between China and Taiwan are rising. China has consistently claimed that Taiwan is part of us. China follows the ‘One China’ policy. According to this, China asserts its authority over Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau. Other countries also have to support the ‘One China’ policy while building foreign and trade relations with China. 

Tensions over Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan 

US Speaker Nancy Pelosi visited Taiwan in August. China opposed the visit. Displeased with his visit, China intercepted its aircraft within Taiwan’s territory.  21 Chinese military aircraft entered the Air Defense Identification Zone (ADIZ). China deployed its KJ500 AWACS aircraft and JF16, JF11, Y9 EW and Y8 ELINT aircraft. China also warned that the US would be responsible for undermining China’s sovereignty, security and interests, and that the US would have to pay the price.

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