US News in Hindi: Severe storm wreaks havoc in America, more than 6000 flight cancellations

US Latest News: Due to the severe storm in America, air services are being badly affected. Due to the frequent storms coming here (America), flights have to be canceled in many cities. For the second consecutive day, thousands of flights had to be canceled or canceled due to bad weather (Storms in America). According to FlightAware, more than 6000 flights were affected on Friday. The weather was so bad that either they had to cancel or they took off late.

Earlier on Thursday, more than 1700 flights were canceled while more than 8800 took off late. Hurricanes are coming in America from Mississippi to Virginia. Due to this, there has been a gathering of planes at the airports of Atlanta, Charlotte, Washington, DC and New York. Meanwhile, due to the re-spread of Kovid-19, a large number of airlines staff are also not present.

worst day to travel

Airlines had also canceled more than 1,500 flights in the US on Thursday. During the summer holidays, these days are considered to be one of the worst days so far in terms of travel. According to monitoring service FlightAware, more than a third of flights were affected at New York’s LaGuardia Airport. More than a quarter of flights were canceled at Newark Liberty Airport, near New Jersey. Just a few weeks ago, airlines canceled about 2,800 flights over a period of five days around Memorial Day weekend.

Transport Minister called a meeting

US Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg held an online meeting with the airline’s chief executive managers. Buttigieg told NBC News, “I told them this is a time we are counting on them to provide reliable service for passengers.” Airlines are grappling with staff shortages, especially pilots, affecting their ability to operate planned flights. Pilot unions say their companies have been slow to replace pilots who retired or were absent at the start of the pandemic. Aircraft traffic has fallen drastically due to first coronavirus and then the storm. Compared to 2019, the number of air passengers here has decreased by 12 percent.

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