US China Tension Over Taiwan: ‘Taiwan will not bow down to any pressure’, President said after US visit

Taiwan: Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen is very happy after meeting with US House Speaker Kevin McCarthy in California. After returning from his trip, he said that our enthusiastic reception abroad is a powerful message. He further said that Taiwan will continue to build its relations with the world and will not bow down to any pressure.

It is noteworthy that earlier in August 2022, the then House Speaker Nancy Pelosi had visited Taiwan. China was enraged on this. Now in less than a year, Tsai has met a top US lawmaker for the second time. With this, she has become the first President of Taiwan to meet the US House Speaker on American soil. 

Taiwan will be more united: President

After his visit, President Tsai Ing-wen said that we showed the international community that Taiwan will be even more united in the face of pressure and threats. We are not going to bow down to any kind of oppression. He further said that our exchange with the world will not stop due to pressure and obstacles. Let us tell you that earlier he thanked America for standing with Taiwan. 

Let us tell that China is shocked by Wayne’s visit to America. According to reports, China has imposed sanctions against the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and other American and Asian-based organizations. It is known that for the last few years, China has been pressurizing various countries of the world to end diplomatic relations with Taiwan and not recognize it as an independent country. Only 13 countries in the world recognize Taiwan as an independent country and most of them are small countries in Latin America.

China responds 

China has condemned Taiwan’s President’s visit to America. A Foreign Ministry spokesman said that in response to the wrong actions by the US and Taiwan, China will take strong measures to protect its sovereignty and territorial integrity. 

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