UNGA: ‘Your job is to spread terrorism by doing things of peace’, India hits out at Pakistan’s false accusations

India Reply To Pakistan : In the United Nations General Assembly today Pakistan’s (Pakistan)  has given a befitting reply to the false accusation. Pakistan PM Shahbaz Sharif (Pakistan PM Shahbaz Sharif) has openly misused this platform to hide the wrongs going on in his country. Vinito said that a country that claims it wants peace with its neighbors will never support cross-border terrorism or give shelter to the masterminds of the Mumbai terror attack. Pakistan’s Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif had said from this forum that I think now is the time for India to understand the message that the two countries are connected to each other. War is not the solution, only peaceful dialogue can solve the Kashmir issue so that the world becomes more peaceful in future.


#WATCH | "…Desire for peace, security in Indian subcontinent real, can be realized. That’ll happen when cross-border terrorism ceases, govts come clean with int’l community & their people, minorities aren’t persecuted"Mijito Vinito, First Secy, India Mission to UN #UNGA pic.twitter.com/NZWKjrjiwh

— ANI (@ANI) September 24, 2022


Pakistan should stop border terrorism instead of claiming Kashmir: India
Mijito Vinito said that before falsely accusing India, Pakistan should tell about its own dark deeds. Instead of claiming Jammu and Kashmir, Islamabad should stop cross-border terrorism.

Atrocities against minorities in Pakistan are not hidden from anyone: India
Vinito said that atrocities against minorities continue in Pakistan. Thousands of young women from minority communities are being kidnapped. So what can we conclude about this mentality? He said that in Pakistan, girls from Hindu, Sikh and Christian families are forcibly abducted, married and then converted. Other countries of the world should take note of this. It is a matter of concern for human rights, rights of minorities. 

Peace possible only when cross-border terrorism ends: India
The desire for peace, security and progress in the Indian subcontinent is real. But this is possible only when cross-border terrorism ends. This was reported from India.

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