UNGA: Imran Khan again rages on Kashmir, advocates Taliban rule

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In the United Nations, Imran Khan again raged on Kashmir, advocating Taliban

United Nations: Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan, in his speech at the United Nations General Assembly, has once again raised the rage of Kashmir and has spoken of war. He strongly advocated the Taliban in Afghanistan in his speech. He also referred to Pakistan’s role in the US campaign against terrorism and said that despite doing so much, a dual approach was adopted in the matter and Pakistan was left alone. Imran Khan’s recorded speech was broadcast.

Forced occupation of Kashmir

Imran Khan said in his speech that Imran Khan Said that after the 9/11 attacks in America, right wingers around the world started attacking Muslims. Targeting RSS and Muslims in India. Muslims are being discriminated against. India has forcibly occupied Kashmir by removing Article 370. Imran Khan said that there is a ban on media and internet. It is unfortunate that the world gives a selective reaction to the demographic structure being changed. These are double standards.

India is increasing military strength

Imran said that Pakistan wants peace with India. Now the ball is in India’s court. He said that India will have to take back the steps taken in Kashmir. Imran said that vandalism in Kashmir has to be stopped and demographic change has to be stopped. Imran Khan accused India of increasing military strength and said that this is deteriorating the military balance of the region and may lead to war situations. Both India and Pakistan have nuclear weapons. Imran Khan once again termed the Hindu nationalist government of India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi as ‘fascist’.

The world should accept Taliban rule

The Prime Minister of Pakistan strongly advocated Taliban rule in Afghanistan. He said that we should strengthen the present government of Afghanistan. The Taliban have promised that they will respect human rights. They will have an inclusive government and they will not allow the land to be used for terrorist activities. If the whole world community encourages them, it will be a victory for the whole world in a way.

Losses in the War on Terror

Imran Khan said that Pakistan is being held responsible for the situation in Afghanistan, but Pakistan has paid the biggest price for it. 80 thousand people died, 120 billion dollars in damage. Pakistan fought for America. We are told that you help the Taliban. Even today 3 million Pashtuns live in Pakistan. He has sympathy for the Taliban. US carried out 480 drone strikes in Pakistan. It did a lot of damage. Those who were killed take revenge from Pakistan instead of America. We had to convert our capital into a fort.

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