UN Envoy on Afghanistan: The threat of Islamic States is increasing again in Afghanistan, IS active in all 34 states

UN Envoy on Afghanistan: The UN delegation, which came to review the terrorist situation in Afghanistan, has claimed that the banned terrorist organization Islamic States (IS) has started spreading its feet in all 34 states of Afghanistan. have been given. Deborah Lyon, the UN representative in Afghanistan, told the UN Security Council, "IS(K) fighters have become very active in Taliban-dominated Khorasan region and there have been several murders in the past few days, in which IS’s direct role is found."

What is IS(K) ? 
Islamic State-Khursan ie IS(K) is a branch of Islamic State IS in Khurasan province of Afghanistan. It is a more fanatical and dreaded terrorist organization than Islamic State and other institutions present in Afghanistan. This organization is the anti-Taliban branch in Afghanistan whose purpose is to continuously attack the Taliban and its affiliates. This organization has included Taliban and local and hardline fighters of Pakistan in its organization. These are the fighters who believe that the Taliban should be more radical.  
This organization was founded in the year 2015. This is also the time when the Islamic State was at its highest power in Iran, Syria and the countries of the Middle East. Later, all self-proclaimed rulers of the Islamic State represented by the countries of the US-coalition were eliminated in a nearly four-year war. The UN delegation said that despite the Taliban’s “sincere efforts” on terror, the lack of resources, apprehensions about the civilian government and the current conflict situation in the internal political ideology also led to the revival of Islamic State dominance in the Taliban. Is. Warning the world in this regard, the UN delegation has advocated for a solution to this problem soon. 

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