UK Census Data: Hindus among healthiest citizens in Britain, Sikhs most likely to own a home

UK Census Data: Hindus among healthiest citizens in Britain, Sikhs most likely to own a home

Britain Census Data: Hindus in Britain are among the healthiest and most educated religious communities in the country, while Sikhs are the most likely to own a home. Is. This has come to the fore from the recent census figures in England and Wales. Britain’s Office for National Statistics is releasing data of different categories regarding the population by analyzing the data of the online census conducted in March 2021. Released this week ‘Religion by Housing, Health, Employment and Education’ In the report, the ONS has pointed out that there is a significant difference in the standard of living of different religious communities in the country.

87.8% of people who identify themselves as Hindus have ‘good’ health

ONS said, “In 2021, people who have declared their religious identity as ‘Hindu’ About 87.8 per cent of them rated their health as ‘very good’ or ‘good’ Said to be there, while at the national level this figure was 82.0 percent. Hindus also reported the lowest number of disability cases.” The ONS reported, “People with level-four and above educational qualifications who identify themselves as ‘Hindu’ The number of tellers was the highest (54.8 percent), while in terms of the total population, this figure has been recorded at 33.8 percent.”

77.7% of people who identify themselves as Sikhs own a home

National Statistics Office said, “Own religious identity ‘Sikh’ 77.7 per cent of the people who reported as having their own house.” The option of declaring religion in the census was kept voluntary. In 2021, 94 per cent of the total population of 56 million in England and Wales answered the question related to religion.

These figures came to the fore regarding Muslims

The ONS found, “In England and Wales in 2021, self-identifying as ‘Muslim’ Tellers were found to be four times more likely to live in households that are too small in terms of the number of family members.” According to the National Statistics Office, “In 2021, people who identified themselves as ‘Muslim’ Among them, the number of people in the age group of 16 to 64 years was the least (51.4 per cent), who had the means of livelihood. The number of such people in the total population has been recorded as 70.9 percent.”

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