UAE Flight : One cannot travel to UAE if the full name is not on the passport

Passengers with Single Name on Passport : Important news for international passengers.

According to a new statement issued by Indigo, a traveler with a single name on their passport will not be allowed to travel to the UAE. A person’s passport must have at least a two-word name. For example, if your passport has only one word name like ‘Samir’ or Aamir, you will not be allowed to enter UAE on that passport. Passport must have your full name or at least two words. Travelers or tourists with the same name will not be allowed.

The United Arab Emirates has given instructions to IndiGo Airlines that passengers with the same name should not be allowed entry into the UAE. This new rule has been implemented from November 21, 2022. Meanwhile, permanent citizens or citizens coming for work will be exempted from this requirement. Indigo Airlines has asked passengers to contact their manager or visit their website hwpadkpahw.bwu for more information.

Meanwhile, the reason behind this decision has not been given by the UAE administration. According to the UAE authorities, passengers with the same name on the passport and a residence permit or permanent visa will be allowed to travel. IndiGo Airlines has issued a statement citing UAE officials. According to this, passengers with only one name on the passport i.e. without full name will not be allowed to travel to UAE.

According to reports, some passengers have been exempted from these new rules. In this, travelers who have a valid residence visa and passport, and those who have a work visa, will be exempted from this rule. Apart from that the persons who have updated their name in both the names in the visa or passport. They will also be exempted from this rule.

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