Twitter suspends $8 subscription program, the reason behind the fake account

Twitter has suspended the $8 subscription program for blue ticks. The company took this decision in view of the increasing case of fake accounts. The company recently launched this program. According to media reports, many users were creating fake accounts in the name of major brands and abusing the system. For this reason the company took this decision.

Twitter started offering subscription service this week. Under this, whoever wants to take blue tick on Twitter, he will have to pay eight dollars every month, that too without any investigation. before this Elon Musk had tweeted that there has been a lot of corruption in giving the blue tick mark, so there is no alternative but this rigging will have to be ended by the coming months.

After the announcement of $8 for the use of Twitter, it was strongly opposed worldwide. Prominent personalities from many countries including America, Britain announced to leave Twitter. At the same time, some called Musk's decision a big attack on democracy and freedom of expression.

Twitter's gray 'official' label returned to some accounts

Earlier, Twitter has once again added the gray official label to some of its major accounts. The company relaunched the label earlier this week, shortly after the world's richest man Elon Musk took over. On Thursday night, once again it appeared on Twitter's own account and the accounts of some big companies including Amazon, Nike and Coca-Cola.

Some media companies, including The New York Times, The New Yorker, received this label at 9 pm local time, while some media houses such as 'The Wall Street Journal' and 'The Los Angeles Times' did not get this mark. Some celebrities haven't even received an official label since Musk overhauled Twitter's blue check tick verification system this week.

Official label was given to many leaders including PM Modi

Twitter on Wednesday added the official label to the verified handles of several leaders, including Prime Minister Modi. However, the company removed him after some time. After this, the company had said that this new feature was added so that the difference between blue account and verified account can be understood. (with input from language)

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