Twitter Down: Twitter down in many parts of the world, netizens are shocked

Twitter Down : Currently Twitter is down. Netizens are shocked by that. Users are facing many problems while using Twitter. DownDetector (a site that provides updates on all websites) has reported   Some people have no problem using Twitter while some people have problems using Twitter. 

Not much influence on India

Pay for Blue Tick

Twitter is currently the talk of the whole world. Twitter is now owned by Elon Musk. Musk has hinted at changes since taking over Twitter. Accordingly, many changes are coming to Twitter soon. One of the most important changes is the Twitter user verification process. Elon Musk gave information about this. He said in his tweet, "The entire verification process is currently being revised." However, he has not yet given detailed information in this regard. According to Reuters news agency, Twitter is considering charging a fee for users (Platformer) to verify their accounts and provide blue ticks. According to the report, Twitter users are likely to pay around  661 rupees per month to retain the Blue Tick, i.e. verify their account. Also, Twitter has now launched the ‘Edit Tweet’ feature (Edit Tweet Button). The option of Twitter Edit Button (Tweer Edit Feature) is currently available only to certain users. Thanks to this new feature of Twitter, you will be able to edit the tweet you have tweeted.

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