TV9 INSIDER BRICS Summit: Well on one side ditched on the other side, America-China remembered India due to Taiwan affair

This will probably be the first time after many decades that India (IndiaChina is happy to see any move. Whereas the trickster America is stunned to see the happiness China has got because of India. Seeing America, everything has been with his own eyes but India, Russia and China (ChinaSeeing the diplomatic game that they are playing together, America, furious with anger, has lost its sense of humor. America does not understand that it is Russia, China and India How to save your honor by getting yourself out of the hung of K.

Actually, the reason for America’s trouble is not only that Russia and China are engaged in playing the game together. America’s headache is also about the way in which during the war between Russia and Ukraine, India has defeated all the vicious countries of the world with a single bet on the diplomatic stage. America has no bite left of it. In such a situation, even after seeing everything with his own eyes and hearing with his ears, America, torn with anger. There is no other way but to be left crippled. In the recent times, countries that have been convinced of India’s international strategic power and diplomacy have brought America into a state of misery without hurting.

America troubled by China’s mystery

America, which has been aware of India’s strong foreign policy, does not understand how America, already suffering from China, now deals with India or how to control India? What was the less big challenge for the US on the issue of Taiwan itself? In today’s changed circumstances, India has become the biggest need for both America and China. If it is said then it will never be inappropriate. Recently, when the quad countries meeting was held in Japan, then China seemed very discouraged about India. Because China’s dispute is going on with India, Australia, Japan, America all included in the Quad group. During that time, China’s sleep was blown away by the meeting of India and America. Now but a meeting is also taking place which has increased the heartbeat of America as well as the world.

America and China are gathering supporters

In the world, this meeting is popularly known as the meeting of BRICS countries. In which Brazil, India, Russia, China and South Africa are being included. America has been stunned by the meeting of India, Russia and China to be held in this meeting. It is necessary to mention here that in the current changed scenario of the world, both America and China are sweating in the exercise of mobilizing their supporters. There is already a difference of opinion in America and China on many issues. On top of this is the Taiwan issue. On which both America and China are eyeing vultures. Next to which Taiwan will be pressed. He will consider himself as Sikandar. Soon after the start of the war between Russia and Ukraine, the world started speculating that China would definitely jump into a cross-border war on the issue of Taiwan. So that the hassle of his daily quarrel with America on the issue of Taiwan can end forever.

What will happen if Taiwan is attacked?

In such a situation, it is also not to be forgotten that if China keeps on fighting the nose and attacks Taiwan with the intention of occupying it, then Taiwan will put both China and America in a do-or-die situation. If America and China land with Lashkar in the field regarding Taiwan, then both China and America will need India. In such a situation, how is it possible that America or China forgetting India and starting head-football in the fight for the nose. If seen here, still America seems to be standing a step behind regarding Taiwan as compared to China. Because America has already made a bad reputation in the eyes of the world as a lagging country due to its petty policies in Afghanistan and Ukraine.

India’s stand on Taiwan

That is why now America wants to take India with it in any case before entering the fray for Taiwan. China has more or less the same desire on the issue of Taiwan. It is clear whether Taiwan is China or America for Fateh. It is certain that India will need both of them. Because America knows very well that if it could not do anything on the issue of Taiwan, China took Taiwan away. So even a little remaining respect of America is sure to get mixed in the soil. And this is the dilemma facing China. That is why China is busy these days putting strings on India at all costs. Call it China’s wish or it’s heartfelt wish is that if China’s guns open towards Taiwan, then even if India does not support China at that time, India should not oppose China.

Because India’s opposition to the conflict that started over Taiwan will not leave China anywhere. That is why it can be seen that for some time now, China has been washing its hands behind Russia that Russia can somehow mediate China from India. However, when it comes to America or China. In the course of time, both the countries have proved to be consummate and foolish regarding India. But now that it is stuck on the issue of Taiwan, both America and China are equally trapped. In such a situation, after hearing the news of India’s talks with Russia in the BRICS meeting, why should China be happy and America should not be happy.

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