Transmission of wheat to Afghanistan via Wagah border: Pakistan sanctioned by India


  • 50 thousand tonnes of wheat shipped from India to Afghanistan
  • India’s intention to pass through the Wagah border in Pakistan
  • Pakistan which did not allow shipping for a month

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan on Wednesday said it has approved the shipment of 50 thousand tonnes of wheat and life-saving drugs sent from India to Afghanistan through its Wagah land border. It is formally informing that it is being sent to the Afghan people for good.

India was on a mission to deliver wheat and other essential items on a humanitarian basis to help the people of Afghanistan who were in distress after the Taliban invasion. However, Pakistan’s decision to allow the delivery of relief materials through its territory had been pending for more than a month.
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There are currently no flights between India and Afghanistan. Thus, the fastest way is to deliver goods through Pakistan’s land route. The Pakistani government has formally informed the Indian High Commission in Islamabad about its decision to send materials to Afghanistan through its ground.

“The goodwill of the brotherhood towards the Afghan people will allow the Pakistani government to transport 50 thousand tonnes of wheat and life preserver drugs from India to Afghanistan via the Wagah border,” the statement said.
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Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan said on Monday that his government would allow the shipment of wheat that India intends to supply as soon as the deal is finalized between India and Pakistan.

A Taliban delegation that visited Islamabad recently proposed to the Pakistani leadership to approve wheat disposal.


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