Top US diplomats promoting US-made projects in Senegal

Dakar, Nov 20 (AP) US Secretary of State Antony Blinken is on a week-long visit to Africa in what the Biden administration hopes will be able to outline its cooperation in fighting the coronavirus pandemic and climate change.

Blinken was in Senegal to promote US-made infrastructure projects, sustainable development, women’s empowerment and other human rights initiatives to strengthen faltering democracies in Africa.

In meetings with women entrepreneurs and executives from US multinationals, Blinken also discussed the benefits of promoting women’s role in the economy and buying American goods.

Taking a jibe at China, he said that the US invests in any country without trapping it in the debt trap. Significantly, there is competition between the US and China for lucrative business.

“Improving infrastructure, creating jobs and changing attitudes towards public safety and the climate,” the top US diplomat said, signing four $1 billion road, traffic management and other deals between Senegal and US companies. It turns out that the impact is being felt inside Senegal.

Investing in Senegal, he said, “reflects our shared values ​​of democracy, transparency and the rule of law, as well as innovation.”

Speaking to women entrepreneurs, Blinken noted the progress made in promoting equality in Senegal, saying that much remains to be done, especially in terms of providing women with easy access to credit to start new businesses. In.

Blinken spoke in French at all his public events, including his meeting with Senegalese national Mackie Sal, as he does in France and other French-speaking countries. He also gave his address in French at an event at the Institut Pesture in Dakar. This institute will start production of anti-Kovid-19 vaccines from next year with US help.

Senegal has been a key participant in the fight against extremism and last year hosted the US military’s annual counter-terrorism exercise, Flintlock.


Suresh Uma



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