This standup comedian actor sexually abused at the age of 37, now got punishment after 47 years

America (America), a famous standup comedian and actor has been sentenced at the age of 84 by being convicted. He is accused of sexually abusing a 16-year-old girl in 1975 when he was 37. At present, the accused has been declared guilty by the court on Tuesday. However, the woman had filed a case against the accused in 2014. Since then the trial was going on. Name of the accused Bill Cosby (Bill Cosby) Is. Bill Cosby has also been released from prison a year ago. After that the decision has now come. Bill Cosby is recognized in the world with his famous show ‘The Cosby’. The age of the complainant woman is about 64 years today.

The decision comes nearly a year after Bill Cosby was released from prison after the High Court of Pennsylvania struck down the comedian’s conviction in a separate criminal case. Recently, he has been convicted by a court in California, USA. He is accused of sexually abusing a minor girl at the Playboy Mansion in 1975 at the age of 37. The sentencing court also imposed a fine of US $ 500,000 on the perpetrator Bill Cosby.

Victim very happy with the court’s decision, accused the accused to be innocent

During the trial, the victim had testified against the accused, in which she said that the accused had invited her and one of his friends to his mansion on the pretext. At that time the age of the girl was 16-17 years. During the same meeting, the accused sexually assaulted the woman. Today, where the age of the victim is about 64 years, the age of the comedian who has been declared guilty is about 84 years. The victim is very happy with the conviction of the accused of sexual abuse by the court after such a long time. On the other hand, the accused has termed the decision of the court as wrong. The actor has declared himself innocent.

The accused made a separate identity on the basis of comedy show ‘The Cosby’

According to reports, the victim woman/complainant had brought this case to the court under the California law. According to which even if she has been sexually abused in childhood, she can still make her complaint to the court or investigation agency at any time when she becomes an adult. The victim did the same thing about the incident that happened to her, in which now a heavy fine has also been imposed on her by the court. It is important to mention here that the accused is known in the world for acting in his comedy show The Cosby.

In this, he has played the memorable role of father and husband. The show itself gave him the nickname America Dad. It is not that this is the first such case against Bill Cosby. Earlier, in the last five decades, more than 50 women and girls had accused him of sexual harassment. It is a different matter that the punishment has been announced by the court in a 1975 case by making him a criminal.

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