The world’s first bitcoin city to be built, the volcano will generate electricity, will not have to pay income tax

San Salvador: Bit Bit Well In City Has been announced. The city will be powered by a volcano and financed by cryptocurrency bonds . Bit Queen City & rsquo; , Services , Museum , Airport , Ports ,

President Naib Bukele on Saturday Bit Well In . El Salvador , Which has adopted the US dollar as its currency for the past two decades , Bit Well Bit Well In City and Bit Well

The city will have zero carbon emissions

Bit Well In mining is a process in which new Bit Well These are created. This whole process requires a lot of energy. Thermal comes from plants that generate energy with the help of Tecapa plant. Addressing the crowd, the President said that there would be zero carbon emissions in the city. It totally Environment

, El Salvador Year 2022 In 1 Billion Bit Coin will issue bonds. Blockstream chief strategist Samson Mau took to the stage with the President. "font-family: Mangal;"> And announced that Volcano Bond Half of Bit coin .

No income tax , Zero Capital Gains Tax

"font-family: Mangal;"> Will be spent. He said , ‘ Bit Well , ‘ We will not charge any income tax here. Zero percent will last forever. Zero capital gains tax will apply. Zero Property Tax , There will be zero payroll tax. When will the construction of this city be completed? , About this time No limit set.

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