The one who cheated 15 lakhs by becoming a boyfriend, the elderly woman made him a son! read amazing story

If a person wins your trust to such an extent that you are bent on giving him everything you have. After this you come to know that it was a swindler, who cheated you with 15 lakh rupees by bluffing you. So you or I will probably go straight to the police station. When a young man did such a heinous act, the elderly woman neither went to the police station nor did she decide to teach a lesson to the thug. The elderly woman made this thug a son. The story is surprising but true.

This is a case of cheating of 15 lakh rupees through fraud. This incident of cheating was carried out by a youth named Chris Bamibelli. He made American elderly woman Laura a victim of fraud. Laura was duped by this young man to such an extent that she became a victim of depression. Because to fulfill the demand of money of this thug, Laura has completely emptied her pocket. She even became a debtor to the people. Fraudster Chris Bamibelli himself has recently revealed all these facts in a conversation with "The Mirror".

Craze to become Dhannaseth by earning wealth overnight

Chris, accused of cheating, has told that when he was studying in Nigerian University. Then he got the craze of becoming Dhannaseth by earning wealth overnight. For this, he started the business of online fraud. To promote this business, he resorted to dating apps. So that after duping any one person, he can remain missing for a few days, then find a new victim again. Through dating apps, Chris started searching for single women living in Britain, Canada, Germany and America.

used to trap women in love trap

He used to entrap these women in his love trap by pretending to be soldiers. After that, when the money was stolen and Chris felt that now the woman has started suspecting him. So Chris would disappear to get rid of the woman. In this sequence, some time ago an elderly American woman came in contact with Chris. Chris also told him that he (Thug Chris) is a soldier and is working in the US Army these days. To the satisfaction of the woman, Chris made his social media account by putting a photo of an American soldier.

The elderly woman fell in love with Chris

When Chris felt that the woman was completely in his possession. On coming online, the woman was ready to do whatever Chris wanted her to do. Then seeing the iron hot, Chris told the woman by citing his financial difficulties. Sometimes 15 thousand sometimes started asking for 18 thousand rupees. This process reached such an extent that the elderly woman, who had become infatuated with Chris without meeting him, had spent 15 lakh rupees on Chris. Out of this, the woman sent a lot of money from her pocket to Chris, while she borrowed a lot of money from her loved ones and gave it to Chris. The victim, Laura, kept thinking that she was sending this money to her boyfriend posted in the American Army.

There is no money left even for ration in the house of the elderly woman

The situation became such that the woman trapped in Chris's turn did not even have money left for ration in her house. When the woman did not have money left for rent and everyday expenses, she reached into depression. On the one hand, the responsibility of sending money every month for his own pauper, on the other hand, also for the boyfriend. Therefore, in these adverse circumstances, Laura's patience kept answering and the situation reached till she became a mental patient. In the meantime, her boyfriend Chris came to know about this worse condition of her from Laura. So he too broke himself mentally. He felt guilty about the fact that the woman who had given him all his wealth by trusting her, has now become a victim of depression herself due to no money in her pocket.

Laura didn't turn to the police

In such a situation, everyone will think that Laura, the victim woman, must have turned to the police. No. It's not like that. Laura did not turn to the police. As soon as he came to know that the youth who cheated 15 lakhs from him is not a professional criminal. There is a young man, who has cheated him to meet the necessities of his life, then the victim elderly lady Laura instead of scolding Chris. He raised his courage and said that if the time is bad, then a person passes anything. In such a situation, if Chris also under compulsion did the incident of cheating with Laura, then it does not matter and Laura, knowing the truth of Chris and keeping his honesty paramount, behaved like a mother in her spoiled Makes every effort to improve the son.

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