Thailand: Situation worsens due to toxic air in Thailand, more than 2 lakh people sick in 1 week

Thailand: Situation worsens due to toxic air in Thailand, more than 2 lakh people sick in 1 week

Thailand: The condition of people in Thailand is bad due to air pollution. About 200,000 people have become ill from breathing the toxic air. These figures are witness to the fact that how serious the situation there is. According to media reports, Bangkok is immersed in a harmful smog. People have no option but to breathe toxic air. 

According to the report, sick people affected by air pollution have been admitted to the hospital for treatment. Along with this, citizens have been advised not to leave the house unnecessarily. Preliminary investigation has found that this pollution has spread due to the smoke coming out of the industry and the yellow-grey smoke coming out from the vehicles. 

Danger to young children and pregnant women 

According to a report by the Ministry of Health, more than 13 lakh people have fallen ill in the state since the beginning of the year due to air pollution. Kriangkrai Namthaisong, a doctor at the ministry, has instructed young children and pregnant women to stay indoors. Along with this, it is estimated that the condition may worsen in the coming days. 

Advise to wear a mask

Health Ministry has advised citizens to wear high quality N95 anti-pollution masks. A spokesman for Bangkok governor Chadcharat Sitipunt said stricter rules would be put in place if the situation worsened. He said the city-run nursery has installed air purifiers as well as a ‘no dust room’ for the safety of young children. have also been installed. 

The Ministry of Public Health said that the most dangerous PM2.5 level was recorded in 50 districts of Bangkok on Wednesday. Its level is much above the WHO guideline. In this case, the particles present in the air can enter the blood. 

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