Suicide Bombers: Suicide Bombers Recruitment by Tick Tock .. ISIS Massive Conspiracy to Suicide Attacks There!

Some people go astray with the influence of circumstances or with patience in certain matters that nothing is desired. With issues such as unemployment, & nbsp; Some who are angry at other religions are moving towards this terrorism. Assuming this to be the case, the extremists are turning to the innocent with the help of technology. Shocking facts have come to light that the Islamic State terrorist organization (ISIS) was recruited online.

The militant group is trying to woo young people by making videos on the Tic Tac Toe app. The ISS targets young people who have hatred, jealousy and envy towards non-Muslims and recruits them through tic-tac-toe and trains them in militancy. According to an article in the Sun Media, ISS has created dozens of Tic Tac Toe accounts. It seems that the ISS planned to carry out terrorist attacks during Christmas and celebrations.
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#EXCLUSIVE : ISIS using TikTok to recruit young suicide bombers in bid to carry out Christmas attacks

& mdash; The US Sun (@TheSunUS) November 21, 2021

Attacks as Christmas Targets ..
Militant groups hope to carry out suicide attacks during Christmas celebrations. To this end, they recruited through the Tick Tack app and planned terrorist attacks. The ISS created special videos for this and posted them in their groups. ISIS is specially trained to carry out suicide attacks targeting large groups during Christmas in Western countries. Christmas is celebrated on a large scale in the United States and Europe. A few months ago, terrorists were recruiting and recruiting innocent young people.
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& lsquo; They do not believe in Allah. Such people should be intimidated. The slaves should be punished & rsquo; Some videos are going viral. The Christmas festivities are shown in that video. Be ready, heroes. It was propagated that the servants of Allah would not hesitate to do so. That is, the Sun Media reported that the ISS planned to carry out suicide attacks at Christmas time. Has been running that social media account for the last 18 months. Other accounts also appear to be preparing suicide bombers with similar videos. Authorities in the UK are on high alert following a car bomb blast in Liverpool. On November 17, Milan police in Italy arrested a 19-year-old girl on charges of conspiracy to commit terrorism. The bombing of Kabul, which killed 183 people, is a testament to this. Hundreds were killed and thousands injured. A total of 8 bomb blasts are known to have taken place in Sri Lanka.

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