Sudan’s military leaders reinstate ousted prime minister

Cairo, Nov 21 (AP) Sudan’s ousted prime minister on Sunday signed a deal with the military that calls for his reinstatement. He was placed under house arrest after a military coup about a month ago.

A leading pro-democracy group, which has held several protests, dismissed the deal as “a kind of betrayal”.

The country’s top general, Abdel Fattah Burhan, said in televised statements that Abdullah Hamdok would head an independent “technocratic cabinet” until elections were held. However, it is not yet clear how much power the government will have or whether it will still function under the supervision of the military.

It is also not clear whether any political party or pro-democracy groups have signed the agreement. The agreement is expected to see the military free government officials and leaders arrested since the October 25 coup.

He said the United Nations, the United States and others have played an “important role” in drafting the deal. “The signing of the agreement opens up enough doors to address all the challenges of the transitional period,” Hamdok said at a ceremony broadcast on state TV.

The people of Sudan took to the streets after the military occupation, which marked the beginning of democracy in the country.

Hamdok thanked Sudan’s “regional and global friends” who helped reach the deal but did not name the countries. The 14-clause agreement also emphasized that power should be handed over to an elected civilian government after the end of the transitional period.

“By signing this declaration, we can lay a real foundation for a transitional period,” Burhan said.

Cameron Hudson, a former US State Department official and Sudan expert at the Atlantic Council’s Africa Center, said the agreement allows generals to largely retain control and avoid accountability for the coup and the deaths of dozens of protesters.

The US, its allies and the United Nations have condemned the use of excessive force against anti-coup protesters.

(AP) Surbhi Dileep



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