Solar Flare: Another explosion on the sun, NASA shared photo, solar storm will also affect the earth

Solar Flare Impact : US Space Agency Solar flares on the sun caused a huge explosion. NASA captured this moment and shared its photo on social media. National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) said that on October 2, a large solar storm occurred on the Sun. Due to this, a large number of solar flares (Solar Flare) were formed. With the help of NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory, it was possible to capture a photo of this phenomenon.

This isn’t the first time an explosion has hit the surface of the Sun. Even in the beginning of April, NASA used its Solar Dynamics Observatory to capture a photo of a solar storm. In the same month,  CESSI, the Center of Excellence in Space Science, an Indian institute, said there was a possibility of future eruptions on the surface of the Sun. 


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A threat to Earth?

Scientists have predicted that there may be many such explosions on the Sun in the next few days. This is because a part of the Sun is facing the Earth and this part of the Sun is likely to explode. So the possibility of danger for the earth has increased. 

What is a solar flare or solar storm?

Solar flares or solar storms are explosions on the surface of the Sun that produce large flares. These explosions are caused by the increase in temperature due to magnetism on the Sun. It later turns into a solar storm. You can guess how dangerous it is from the fact that explosions on the Sun can be as powerful as nuclear bombs. When gases on the Sun collide and explode, they shoot out flames, called solar flares. After these flares, they are thrown towards the Earth as well as other planets in the solar system.

What effect will a solar storm have on Earth?

If the solar flare comes towards the Earth it will affect the Earth’s magnetic field. This solar flare is likely to affect volcanoes and radio communications, electrical power grids, GPS. This could also pose a threat to spacecraft and astronauts.

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