Russia Ukraine War: Unique style of help, this country is sending the cars of alcoholics to Ukraine

Russia Ukraine War: Unique style of help, this country is sending the cars of alcoholics to Ukraine

Latvia Strange Help To Ukraine: It has been more than a year since the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine. Under the leadership of America, the western countries have given all possible help to Ukraine. Meanwhile, Latvia is one such country which has helped Ukraine in a different way. This is the reason why it is being discussed all over the world today. In fact, this year the country has started confiscating cars whose drivers are found to be in an inebriated condition.

The special thing is that the vehicles being seized here are being handed over to Ukraine. These vehicles are being installed in the Ukrainian army and the health facilities there. According to media reports, on Wednesday (March 8), seven cars riding on a trailer were seen going to Ukraine in the midst of a blizzard. According to the report, 200 vehicles were seized in about two months in this country with a population of 1.9 million. 

In the investigation of the seized vehicles, it was found that their drivers had up to 0.15 percent alcohol content in their blood. After this he was sent to Ukraine. Reinis Poznaks, who handed over vehicles to Ukraine in the midst of the war, said it was “really appalling” that so many people were driving under the influence of alcohol. Reinis Poznaks is the founder of Twitter Convoy, an NGO.

That’s how the idea came

Poznaks said that every week two dozen seized cars have been promised to be sent to Ukraine, so that Ukraine can be helped. Regarding his thinking, he said that he did not expect that so many people are driving after drinking alcohol. Due to this, these people are putting their lives at risk. The more and faster people are drinking alcohol, they are not going to survive for long. In such a situation, the idea came to confiscate the vehicles of the drinkers and hand them over to Ukraine.   

Citizens of Latvia were allowed to fight in Ukraine

Earlier this country of Europe had decided to help its citizens in a unique way by giving them permission to fight war in Ukraine. The Parliament of Latvia had passed a resolution saying that if the common citizens of the country want to go to Ukraine and fight the war in its support, they can do so. For this, Latvia has amended its national security law.

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