Russia-Ukraine War: Ukraine’s counter attack in Snake Island, Russia’s landing craft destroyed by drone

The fierce war between Russia-Ukraine (Russia-Ukraine War) continues. Ukraine is being completely destroyed in the war and Russia is also facing sanctions. Black Sea in the middle of the war (Black SeaAt present, many centers of the war zone are active in the area, but the largest and most dreadful war front is open in Snake Island. Ukraine’s counter-strikes are continuing on this small island in the Black Sea. It has been claimed by Ukraine that it has established Snake Island (Snake Island) have launched aerial attacks. Pictures have been released of the destruction of Russia’s Sarna class landing craft with the help of a Bayraktar drone from Turkey. This attack has not yet been confirmed by Russia, but the people of Ukraine are celebrating after watching this video. This boosts the morale of the soldiers.

In the midst of all this, another video of Snake Island circulated very fast. It has been said that this attack was also carried out by the drones of Ukraine. That is, at the time when Russia intensified its attacks on Odessa, Ukraine also retaliated on Snake Island, but the matter did not end here. Another new picture of the attack on Snake Island in the Black Sea surfaced.

Ukraine claims that this time bombs were fired on this island through Sukhoi 27 fighter jets. The planes took off from the south position and hurled bombs near the lighthouse. According to the information, infrared counter flares were used. Ukraine claims that the Russian fuel depot on Snake Island was targeted and the entire attack was also shot with the camera installed in the Bayraktar drone. The question arises that why all of a sudden Snake Island has become an arena of war. Now to understand this, one has to understand the strategic importance of this small island as well.

Snake Island is spread over 110 acres

Snake Island is spread over 110 acres in the Black Sea, whoever occupies it gets rights over the natural resources present in the Western Black Sea. Especially wheat and steel are easily accessible. That is why after the start of the war, Russia first occupied this island. To get this island back, Ukraine is also raining bombs with the same force.

Putin’s eye on Ukraine’s natural resources

Now it is no secret why Russia has changed its strategy. Putin’s eyes are on Ukraine’s natural resources. It is on those trade routes, which can make it powerful in Europe beyond the Black Sea. In this episode, Snake Island acts as a connecting link. That is why Ukraine is trying with full force to get back Snake Island and it is getting some success in it.

On the one hand, Ukraine is fighting the last bet in the Black Sea. On the other hand, Russia has also started redefining its power in the Black Sea. Because Russia is well aware that the battle for supremacy has started once again in the Black Sea. That is why in the second phase of the assault, Russia has focused only on South and Eastern Ukraine and it is increasing its power here.