Russia Ukraine War: ‘There will be no withdrawal from Ukraine until then’, Russian President Vladimir Putin’s statement

Vladimir Putin On Ukraine War : Russia (Russia) and Conflict in Ukraine continues. Six months have passed since the war between Russia and Ukraine. On one hand, the attention of the whole world is waiting for the end of the conflict between these two countries. Meanwhile, the President of Russia

Putin has responded to the war situation and said that, ‘Until our goal is achieved, Russia’s attack on Ukraine will continue.’ Western countries have imposed several sanctions on Russia in protest against the attack on Ukraine. Putin has targeted Western countries over this issue. 

Why did Putin send troops into Ukraine?

Putin said troops were sent to Ukraine to protect Russia-backed separatist areas in Ukraine.’ The separatists have fought Ukrainian forces in the conflict since Russia annexed Crimea in 2014. “Every step of Russia is aimed at helping the people living in Donbass. This is our duty and we will definitely achieve this goal. Putin has further said that in the face of Western countries’ sanctions, Russia has responded by strengthening its sovereignty.

Economy of Russia

Russian President Vladimir Putin added that, ‘I fully believe that we have not lost anything in this war and will not lose anything. The most positive thing is that Russia’s sovereignty has become stronger. Russia’s economy and financial situation has stabilized. Inflation has come down and the unemployment rate has also come down. Russia has to face the US and its allies to maintain its global hegemony and protect its sovereignty.

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