Russia Ukraine War: Shouting Ukrainian soldier killed in front of camera, President Zelensky vows to find killers

Russia Ukraine War: Shouting Ukrainian soldier killed in front of camera, President Zelensky vows to find killers

Russia-Ukraine War: Many such videos of the bloody fight of each other’s soldiers have come to the fore from the battlefield of Russia-Ukraine, which will make your heart tremble. Recently, a video has gone viral on social media, in which a prisoner of war from Ukraine has been claimed to have been killed by Russian soldiers. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has vowed revenge after watching this video.

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky said that I have seen the brave soldiers of our country fighting with Russian. Russian soldiers are brutally targeting our soldiers. They have violated the Geneva Convention by killing the prisoners of war. We will find the killers.

According to media reports, the video seen by Zelensky is of the time when a Ukrainian soldier was in captivity of Russian soldiers, he is seen smoking a cigarette in a ditch. as soon as "Slava Ukrainian (Victory to Ukraine)" Speaks, the attackers in front (who are said to be Russian soldiers) shower bullets on him.

Terrible example of how the aggressor tries to stop the war by killing our captured soldier for a patriotic Ukrainian slogan!Meanness and villainy!Once again, they violate Geneva Conventions.They will not evade responsibility for their atrocities.Sensitive content! @ICRC @ICRC_ua

— Dmytro Lubinets (@lubinetzs) March 6, 2023

‘Geneva Convention flouted’

This video has been shared by Ukrainian Parliament Commissioner for Human Rights Dmytro Lubinets. Sharing the video, he wrote in the caption, ‘How those who kill our captured patriotic soldiers for raising slogans violate the Geneva Convention… Worst example… What cruelty and villainy. The price for these atrocities will have to be paid!’

In this video, a shooter believed to be a Russian soldier is "Go die" can be heard saying and using profanity after the soldier is shot.

This soldier was missing since February 3

The 30th Mechanized Brigade of the Ukrainian army identified the soldier killed on Tuesday as Tymofy Mykolayovich Shadura. According to the brigade, Shadura had been missing since February 3 after fighting near Bakhmut. Right now his body is being reported to be in the temporarily occupied area and the final confirmation of his identity will be done after the body is returned.

Ukrainian President Zelensky said, "This video shows how brutally the invaders brutally killed one of our warriors who bravely "victory for ukraine" told." He then urged the people to unite and said, "I want all of us to unite and say ‘Salaam’ to our hero. Victory to Ukraine."

Zelensky continued, "We’ll find the killers." According to reports, the identity of the killers who shot the Ukrainian soldier is yet to be confirmed.

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