Russia Ukraine War: People were sleeping and Russia started a storm of missile attack in Ukraine

Russia Ukraine War: People were sleeping and Russia started a storm of missile attack in Ukraine

Russia- Ukraine War: Even after more than a year, the war between Russia and Ukraine continues. Meanwhile, news is coming that Russia has once again fired missiles at Ukraine. Due to this, Ukraine has suffered a lot. According to media reports, Russia started raining missiles on Ukraine from the night of Wednesday (March 6). Due to which the citizens of Ukraine came in panic. 6 civilians who came under the attack died. It is believed that people were sleeping when Russia launched a horrific attack on Ukraine. After this people lost their sleep after hearing the sound of missiles. 

‘Terrorism won’t help’

After this Russian attack, the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky said that the occupiers can only terrorize the citizens. They cannot do more than this, but it will not do them any good. Along with this, the President of Ukraine has warned Russia that he will not be able to escape responsibility for whatever he has done.

According to emergency services, a missile attack in the western Lviv region killed at least 5 people, as well as completely destroyed a house. Drone footage showed a badly destroyed house some 700 km (440 miles) from the battlefield. Along with this, there is news of the death of a youth due to the missile attack in the city of Central Dnipro. 

People were fast asleep 

It is being told that such a big attack has happened after several months. The sound of missiles woke up the people sleeping in the capital city of Kiev. It is being speculated that this type of missile attack took place after October last year. Regarding the attack, 58-year-old Lyudmila told that I heard a very loud explosion. We quickly got out of bed. Only then saw that a car was on fire. Other cars are also on fire. The glasses on the balcony and windows were broken. 

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