Russia Ukraine Conflict : Russia-Ukraine war hit India? There is a possibility of an energy crisis, the government is preparing

Russia Ukraine Crisis Effect on India : More than six months have passed. But the situation shows no signs of improvement. This war is likely to affect India now. There is a possibility of energy crisis in India in the coming time. The Russia-Ukraine war is affecting the entire world. The worldwide energy crisis is deepening.

Due to the Russia-Ukraine conflict, we may have to struggle for cooking oil, domestic gas cylinders or even fuel in the coming period. It is predicted that India is also affected by the energy crisis in many countries around the world. Seeing this, India has started taking big steps from now. 

Russia-Ukraine war exacerbates global energy crisis

The ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine has created a major crisis in the availability of crude oil, natural gas and coal worldwide. Due to this, India is also likely to get hit now. The result of this will be seen again in the coming time. Due to scarcity of crude oil and fuel, India is likely to become more dependent on coal in future.

Alternatives to Coal to Power the World 

Not only this but due to the war between Russia and Ukraine, not only India but many countries in the world are likely to once again become dependent on coal. Until the war between Ukraine and Russia stops completely and the situation returns to normal, countries around the world may have to depend on coal. Due to the war between Russia and Ukraine, the supply of gas in Europe is constantly decreasing. Short supply of gas has created an energy crisis in Europe. Gas prices have skyrocketed in Europe. Russia is a major supplier of gas to Europe. But due to war between Russia and Ukraine other countries

Fall in crude oil prices

Edible oil and fuel prices are likely to increase in the coming period. Crude oil prices have been falling in the international market for the past few months. A few months ago, the price of crude oil in the international market was 140 dollars per dollar. After that, crude oil price has been falling since last three-four months. Generally, crude oil prices have seen a drop of 30 dollars in the last three months. However, the price of crude oil has been increasing slightly for the past few days. This is likely to affect edible oil and fuel prices.

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