Rishi Sunak will prove to be a good prime minister… Dear Boris Johnson! Never listen to the voice of your voters

Rishi Sunak will prove to be a good prime minister… Dear Boris Johnson!  Never listen to the voice of your voters
London: Nearly half of voters who support the ruling Conservative Party in Britain believe Rishi Sunak would make a good prime minister. A new opinion poll on Sunday showed Rishi Sunak as the front runner in the race for the post of Prime Minister. The great thing is that the people involved in this poll are supporters of the ruling Conservative Party. The party is currently represented by caretaker Prime Minister Boris Johnson. A few days ago, Boris Johnson had asked the leaders of his party to support anyone, but not Rishi Sunak. In such a situation, Boris must listen to the wishes of his voters.

Sunak’s choice of 48% Conservative Party supporters
According to a report in ‘The Sunday Telegraph’, more than 4,400 people were included in the open poll conducted by JL Partners. It revealed that 48 percent of those who supported the Conservative Party in the 2019 general election believed that Sunak, a British citizen of Indian origin, would make a good prime minister. This is the first survey in which Foreign Minister Liz Truss has been placed second in the race for the post of Prime Minister. Of those surveyed, 39 percent supported the truce for prime minister and 33 percent supported trade minister Penny Mordaunt.

Johnson wants to support Liz Truss
A source said Johnson appears to be keen to get Secretary of State Liz Truss endorsed by his (Johnson’s) cabinet colleagues Jacob Rees-Mogg and Nadine Dorries. Johnson has also reportedly kept options open for Penny Mordaunt as his successor. Mordaunt is the junior trade minister.

Boris Johnson Rishi Sunak News: Support anyone but not Rishi Sunak… why is Boris Johnson so irritated
Why is Johnson opposing Rishi Sunak?
Seeing the former chancellor’s resignation as an alleged betrayal, Johnson and his camp are running a covert campaign to ‘support anyone, but not Rishi Sunak’, according to the news. It is noteworthy that his resignation as finance minister ensured Johnson’s departure from 10 Downing Street. The newspaper quoted a source as saying that the entire 10 Downing Street team hates Rishi. They are not blaming Sajid Javid for ousting him (Johnson). They are holding Rishi responsible. They think he was plotting it for months.

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Who is Rishi Sunak
Rishi Sunak is the son-in-law of Narayana Murthy, former chairman of Infosys. He is an MP from Richmond, Yorkshire. Rishi, who stepped into parliament in 2015, was one of the leaders of the Conservative Party who supported Boris Johnson’s decision to leave Britain from the European Union. He believed that small businesses in Britain would perform better after the exit of Brexit. Before becoming the Finance Minister, Sunak had been the Chief Secretary of the Treasury and also the Second-in-Command of the Finance Minister.