Rescue operation of smoking monkey in Vardha! Finally saved by climbing a 100 feet high tower…

Wardha News Update: Monkey Issue In Wardha (Monkey Issue In Wardha) is making noise to attack the seeds in the field as the agricultural work is going on. Similarly, a male monkey strayed from the herd in the village of Pendhari, which comes under the Hingana forest area of ​​Nagpur, created havoc and terror in the area. These monkeys were also attacking the villagers. Due to this, there was a fear of monkey among the citizens in the area. Due to this, many people stopped coming and going from the area. This monkey climbed the tower which is about 100 feet high, he was saved by a rescue operation. 

A monkey lived on a mobile tower

This monkey has set up its abode in the school premises of Zilla Parishad in Pendhari and used to attack the school children there frequently. As an atmosphere of fear spread in the minds of the villagers as well as the school students, the students also stopped going to school. Attempts were made to imprison him at the local level through the forest department. But all efforts seemed to fail. When attempts were made to catch him, the monkey used to roost on the 90 to 100 feet mobile phone tower in Pendhari village, making it difficult to climb the tower and catch him. Catching this monkey was a big challenge before the forest department.

Terror of Howling Monkey:
A team from People for Animals Wildlife Rescue Center in Wardha was called to imprison the said monkey. But they also had to struggle a lot to catch this monkey. The villagers had gathered a lot during this campaign. Seeing the crowd, this monkey was unconscious. He was constantly jumping from this house to that house.

Finally after two hours of trying, the said monkey once again climbed the mobile tower located in the village. Climbing the mobile tower and catching this monkey was very risky. A team of forest department and People for Animals took the risk and climbed 80 to 90 feet and finally trapped the hideous monkey and the villagers breathed a sigh of relief. After that the said monkey was handed over to the forest department and released in the dense forest.

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