Queen Elizabeth II Funeral: Queen Elizabeth’s funeral today, heads of many countries attend the funeral

Queen Elizabeth II Funeral : Britain’s

Queen Elizabeth died on September 8

Queen Elizabeth II of Britain passed away on Thursday, September 8. Then on Tuesday, his body arrived in England on September 13. After that, his body was kept at Westminster Hall for funeral. He will be cremated today on September 19. At 12pm the royal family will bid farewell to the Queen and Queen Elizabeth will be laid to rest in a mausoleum next to her husband Prince Philip.

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More than 8 kilometers long queue for last darshan

According to media reports, there is a queue of over eight kilometers for Queen Elizabeth’s cremation. In this every hour around 4000 people are having the last darshan of the queen. The Queen’s remains are currently kept in the Westminster Hall of Parliament. After taking out his body from here today, the cremation process will start and his body will be buried as per the scheduled schedule. 

Hundreds of heads of state will attend the funeral 

Hundreds of heads of state will attend Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral. French President Emmanuel Macron will also attend. Queen Elizabeth’s funeral will be held in Britain on September 19, which has been declared a public holiday. US President Joe Biden along with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will also attend Elizabeth’s funeral.

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