Putin’s goal is to make a ‘Russian world’! New policy under discussion; What exactly is this about India?

New Foreign Policy of Russia:

This new foreign policy doctrine is promulgated as a kind of soft power strategy. which has its roots around Russian politics and religion. Due to which some radicals supported Russia’s occupation of parts of Ukraine.  

The document states that the Russian Federation will help its compatriots living abroad to secure their rights, ensure protection of interests and preserve Russian cultural identity. Relations with Russian diaspora have helped Russia to strengthen its image internationally as a democratic country trying to create a different world. 

Help from the Russian Federation to Russian Citizens Living Abroad

It states that the Russian Federation provides assistance to its compatriots living abroad in fulfilling their rights and protecting Russian culture. That allowed Russia to strengthen its image at the international level.

Since the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991, Putin has always appeared to express his sympathy for the 25 million Russians living in other newly independent states. Putin called the collapse of the Soviet Union a geopolitical catastrophe.  

What exactly do you think about India and China

In this new policy, what will be the role of Russia towards India and China? This policymaker has said that cooperation with China and India should be increased. The new policy says to strengthen our ties with the Middle East, Latin America and Africa.  

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