Poland-Belarus war-like situation, did Putin’s move lead Europe to the third world war?

Sudhanshu Dhar Dwivedi
Europe, which has been a stronghold of the First and Second World Wars, is once again under threat of war due to heavy tension. Russia and Belarus are working together to forcibly push refugees into Poland. On the other hand, Poland has deployed thousands of armed soldiers on the border to deal with it. In fact, Russia is also included in the countries that consider themselves to have a decisive role in the global scenario after the Corona period. Russian President Vladimir Putin has forged an undeclared alliance with China, the world’s most emerging strategic-economic power, against the weakening and disintegrating alliance of the US and Europe. Brexit and Donald Trump’s America First policy have strategically weakened both NATO and Europe. There are many countries in Europe that do not want to anger the emerging power China. In Europe, only Britain has been opposing China’s siege style with full force. It is also involved in the ambitious AUKUS alliance with the US and Australia, but the way this alliance has made France feel humiliated has only put new nails in NATO’s coffin.

Russia smells the sound of the right time for its ambitions
Turkey is also continuously giving NATO a gossip. Turkey’s intervention is involved in this refugee crisis in Belarus. He is helping refugees reach Belarus. At such a time, Russia is smelling the sound of the right time to fulfill its regional ambitions. Russia not only wants to reconquer its Russian part of Crimea in Ukraine, but also wants to teach a lesson to its former Soviet bloc and Eastern European countries involved in NATO, which were first vying to become part of the European Union and later NATO. . Russia has deliberately used the refugee card to prove itself to be a supporter of Muslims and Islamophobic to the countries of the European Union. Riots are currently taking place in Europe over the restrictions of Corona. Right-wing forces are mobilizing against refugees in almost every country in Europe. This has left European society deeply divided over the refugee problem. Taking advantage of this, Russia is trying to infiltrate refugees from Belarus via Poland, Latvia and Lithuania to Europe by instigating the dictator of Belarus Lukashenko.

Tensions between Europe and Russia escalated due to Poland crisis
In this work, the Belarusian army (in turn the Russian army) is fully prepared to force refugees into Poland. To prevent this and to protect its sovereignty, of course, Poland is also increasing military mobilization along the border. Due to this the tension between Europe and Russia has reached the peak because now countries like Britain, France and Germany have come out in favor of Poland. Most of the migrants are from Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria. Some have even come from Africa. Everyone is looking for a new migratory route to enter Europe. Most people just want to pass through Poland. Their destination is Germany or other countries of Western Europe. The European Union says Belarus is pursuing a policy of pushing migrants to Poland in retaliation for sanctions already imposed on it. Both Belarus and Russia have denied these allegations. The European Union imposed sanctions last year after the controversial election of Belarusian leader Alexander Lukashenko. Earlier, the US also alleged that the migrant crisis created on the Belarus border was a way to divert attention from the activities of the Russian military in Ukraine. Russian spokesman Dmitry Peshkov dismissed the allegation as false.

Putin wants to give wings to the project to be an alternative to America
Poland’s prime minister has accused Russian President Vladimir Putin of being the “mastermind” of the migrant crisis on the border between Poland and Belarus. In such a situation, this dispute can also flare up on a large scale. The refugee dispute had previously led to tensions between Turkey and the rest of Europe as a large number of refugees were reaching Europe via Turkey. Now Russia has also joined this dispute. Russia has always cracked down on Muslim separatists in places like Chechnya, Ingutishvia and Dagestan, but it wants to give wings to its ambitious project to be an alternative to the US in the Middle East. At the same time, it wants to destabilize Europe, so as in the refugee episode, it has got the opportunity to shoot two or more targets with one arrow. It seems that taking advantage of this unrest, Russia wants to not only further strengthen its military hold in eastern Ukraine, but also to strengthen the basis for the annexation of Belarus with Russia. At the same time, it seems to be successful in its intention to destabilize the European Union while appeasing Muslim countries. In such a situation, if the clashes between Belarus and Poland, especially in the Kuznica region, turn into a war, it can cause great regional tension.

The start of World War II was also due to German intervention in Poland.
Historians and strategic scholars are also drawing attention to the fact that the beginning of World War II was also due to German intervention in Poland, so that this spark should also become the cause of World War III. Although this issue does not seem to be taking such a shape right now, but the background of the confrontation between Europe and Russia is definitely being formed, the consequences of which can be dire in the future. However, only time will tell on which side the camel sits.

The author is a senior academician and has been active in the field of teaching since last 25 years.


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