Islamabad-Moscow talks for Putin’s first visit to Pakistan

(Sajjad Hussain)

Islamabad, Jan 24 (PTI) Pakistan and Russia are in talks to finalize the maiden visit of Russian President Vladimir Putin to Pakistan. This information was given in the news published in the media.

Prime Minister Imran Khan has already formally invited President Putin to visit. He also invited Putin to visit Pakistan again during a recent phone conversation.

According to reports, the two leaders are also expected to meet on the sidelines of the Winter Olympics celebrations in Beijing next month.

The Express Tribune on Sunday, quoting officials with knowledge of the matter, reported that talks between the two countries have been going on for the last two years regarding President Putin’s visit to Pakistan, but due to various reasons including Kovid-19, no concrete result has been achieved. .

According to the news, Russia wants to have a “big project” or other initiative that President Putin can announce during his visit to Pakistan.

However, diplomatic sources said Putin wants to visit only if he has “something big to sell”.

He said the Pakistan Steam Gas Pipeline Agreement has significantly increased the chances of Putin’s visit to Islamabad.

According to the news, Pakistan wants President Putin to lay the foundation stone for the multi-billion dollar gas pipeline project, work on which may start this year. He said that Pakistan wants Russian companies to lay the pipeline from Karachi in Sindh province to Kasur in Punjab province.

Significantly, the original agreement on this pipeline was signed in 2015, but due to US sanctions on Russian companies and other issues, the work of laying the 1,122 km long pipeline could not start.

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