Hinglaj Mata Mandir: Muslim fundamentalists target Hinglaj temple in Pakistan, 11th attack in 22 months

Sindh: Contrary to all claims of Imran Khan, Muslim fundamentalists in Pakistan have once again targeted a Hindu temple in the country. It is being told that on Sunday, Muslim fundamentalists targeted and destroyed the Hinglaj Mata temple in Khatri Mohalla of Thar Parkar district of Sindh province of Pakistan. This is the 11th attack on Hindu temples in Pakistan in the last 22 months. After this attack, the President of Pakistan Hindu Temple Management, Krishen Sharma reached the spot and told the media that Islamic fundamentalists are not afraid of the Supreme Court of Pakistan and the government of Pakistan. Meanwhile, Hindus have taken out a protest march against the attack on the temple. In Pakistan, religious places of minorities are often targeted by Muslim fundamentalists. This is when the Imran government had claimed that minorities would be given protection.

Fundamentalists are continuously attacking the shrines of Hindus
Earlier in December, a Hindu temple in Karachi, which is called the financial capital of Pakistan, was attacked by a mob of fundamentalists and broke the torso of the idol of Goddess Durga. The extremists have also vandalized the temple a lot. A large number of Hindus live in Karachi. The extremists attacked the Nariyan Pura Hindu Temple in Karachi. While the torso of one idol has been severed in this attack, another idol of Maa Durga was badly damaged. They destroyed the whole temple. These attacks in Pakistan are happening at a time when the Supreme Court is continuously issuing notices and the Imran Khan government is claiming that they are protecting the temples. However, this claim of Imran Khan is proving to be hollow and fundamentalists are continuously attacking the shrines of Hindus in Pakistan. Just a few months ago, a Ganesh temple in Pakistan’s Punjab province was attacked by extremists and the temple was destroyed.

Pakistan became hell for minorities
After this attack, there was a lot of sharp criticism all over the world, then Prime Minister Imran Khan broke the silence after 24 hours. Imran Khan has also promised that his government will get this temple renovated. Even before this, Imran Khan had promised to build a temple in Islamabad, but he broke his promise due to opposition from the fundamentalists. Human rights activists say that Pakistan has become a hell for the minority people and its beginning started only after independence. He told that at the time of independence in the year 1947, 23 percent of the total population of Pakistan were minorities like Hindus, Christians, Sikhs. According to the 2017 census, there are now 96.28% Muslims in Pakistan and only 3.72% are minorities or non-Muslims. As a result of the atrocities against minorities and the conversion factory in Pakistan, while the population of Muslims continued to increase, non-Muslims, including Hindus, kept decreasing. According to the 1951 census, there were 12.9 percent Hindus in Pakistan but now there are only 1.6 percent Hindus in our country. The ever-decreasing population of minorities paints a frightening picture of their situation in Pakistan.

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