Pakistan’s claim that F-16 did not crash after congratulating Abhinandan …

Islamabad : -16 -16 The plane never crashed.

-16 Didn’t fall. He said the release of the pilot was & lsquo; a testament to the fact that despite India’s aggressive stance, Pakistan still wants peace. & Rsquo; "color: # 000000;"> = After the martyrdom of the jawans, India 26 February , 2019 A Mohammed’s terrorist camps were attacked. Meanwhile Wing Commander Abhinandan Vartman ( Now Group Captain ) The Mig -21 Ships 27 February , 2019

-16 The plane was said to have crashed. The Wing Commander has now been awarded the Veer Chakra by the President. Vir Chakra is India’s third highest gallantry honor.

On the other hand, Pakistan has termed India’s stance as & lsquo; baseless & rsquo; Rejected saying that February 2019 The plane crashed.

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