‘Pakistan’s army nurtures terrorists, don’t be under the misconception that…’, Imran Khan said amidst the siege of the house

‘Pakistan’s army nurtures terrorists, don’t be under the misconception that…’, Imran Khan said amidst the siege of the house

Pakistan Crisis: Chief of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf and former Prime Minister Imran Khan is in trouble. The army and the government are taking strict action against them. The army gave him two options either to leave the country or be ready to go to jail.

In the latest developments, PTI chief has attacked the Pakistani government and army saying, "He should not be under the misconception that I will back down." Ever since the arrest of Imran Khan, there has been an atmosphere of tension in the neighboring country.

The former PM of Pakistan said, “What is happening today happened in 1971. At that time, after winning the election, a leader conspired against the one who should have become the PM and himself became the PM.”

He made a big allegation on the Pakistani army and said that the army controls the terrorists, nurtures them. Along with this, Imran Khan also appealed to conduct fair elections. They believe that any way other than this will lead to the destruction of Pakistan.

When the illegal caretaker Punjab govt announced that 40 terrorists were hiding in my house. Should they not have named them?

The reason they didn’t was because what they were planning was to bring 30-40 people with them and then accuse me for harboring terrorists just like last…

— Imran Khan (@ImranKhanPTI) May 18, 2023

‘I was accused of harboring terrorists’

Attacking the Punjab government, he said, “When the illegal caretaker Punjab government announced that 40 terrorists are hiding in my house. Shouldn’t they have taken his name?"

They said the reason they didn’t do it was that they were planning to bring 30-40 people with them and then accused me of harboring terrorists, just like the last time they came in an armored car entered my house and then planted Kalashnikovs and petrol bombs.

‘Don’t be misunderstood’

He said, “For a year, efforts are being made to finish a party, but that party has become stronger and people are joining. Catching people and putting them in jail. Entering the house. Has it ever happened in Pakistan? Grabbing women’s hair. are dragging. The community will always remember you. There should be no misconception that I will back down due to pressure. The one who has had 2 murderous attacks will not back down.”

‘Whenever there is an investigation the truth will come out’

PTI chief said, “What community will I remember those who are standing with me today. 25 people were martyred. Direct bullets were fired and it is not known how many people were martyred. 700 people were injured, injured by bullets whenever it will be investigated. Everything will come to the fore. I didn’t even know anything. When he came out of jail, he came to know that all this was planned.”

Imran demanded to form an independent commission

He said, “Independent commission should be made. We will give them proof that how people have been made to attack the military community by planning. Whatever has happened, this conspiracy will reveal that a plan was made to make Tehreek-e-Insaf stand in front of the army and destroy PTI through the army.”

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