Pakistan PM on Economy: Prime Minister Imran Khan admitted that Pakistan became a pauper, said – no money left to run the country

Pakistan Biggest Problem: Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan admitted that Pakistan has no money left to run the country. That is why the bag has to be spread in front of foreign countries. Addressing the inauguration ceremony of the first track and trace system of the Pakistan Federal Board of Revenue, Imran Khan said that the biggest challenge is not having enough money to run the country, due to which one has to borrow. Imran attributed the lack of money to the lack of tax collection and rising foreign debt and said that it has become a national issue of Pakistan’s security.

Pakistan agrees to swallow IMF’s bitter pill for economic relief
In a major decision taken by the Imran Khan-led government in Pakistan, which may further increase the suffering of the poor, Islamabad has agreed to take a significant step to ensure the revival of the $6 billion bailout package taken from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) with PKR 800 billion by cutting expenditure and implementing higher taxes. The government of Pakistan has also revealed that in the coming days, in view of a big jump in inflation in the country, steps will have to be taken within two months.

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