Pakistan: Like India, Pakistan will now run ‘Operation All Out’, know why Shahbaz government had to take this decision

Pakistan Terrorism: Pakistan, infamous around the world for running a ‘terror’ factory, is now preparing to ‘eliminate’ terrorists here. For this, the army there called ‘Operation All Out’ It is about to be launched, it has been decided in the meeting of Shahbaz government.

It may be noted that to deal with the terrorists ‘Operation All Out’ was run in India. On the orders of the Government of India, our army, intelligence agencies and police-forces launched a large-scale operation, due to which there was an uproar among the terrorists in the Kashmir Valley. Many terrorists were killed, and many were captured alive. Even after the Pulwama attack in February 2019, the Indian security forces had launched a massive operation to eliminate the terrorists.

Big decision in the 41st meeting of Pakistan National Security Committee

Police and public were in awe of terror, army was also being attacked

In the meeting held under the leadership of Pak PM Shahbaz, the army was told that whatever terrorist organizations are harming the country, they have to be rooted out. Let us tell that in the last 3 months there have been terrorist attacks in many cities of Pakistan. 127 policemen lost their lives in those attacks. Property worth crores was also damaged. The people remained in panic. Everyday people are being targeted by terrorists somewhere.

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