Pakistan Economy Crisis: Rich people are running away leaving poor Pakistan, 10 lakh people suddenly disappeared!

Pakistan Economy Crisis: Rich people are running away leaving poor Pakistan, 10 lakh people suddenly disappeared!

Economy Crisis In Pakistan: The economic conditions of Pakistan are getting worse day by day. The debt burden on the neighboring country has become so much that it can be declared a defaulter anytime. It has become very difficult to arrange bread for two times for the people here. In these circumstances, now the rich people of Pakistan are considering it better to run away from the country. 

According to a report of Zee News, a large number of rich people from Pakistan are going to other countries. Last year, around one million Pakistanis had left their country. There has been a sudden increase in the number of people going abroad from Pakistan. Compared to 2021, there has been an increase of almost 200 percent in the number of Pakistanis leaving the country in 2022. 

Pak’s fate will be like Sri Lanka!

It was known when Honda Car Company announced to stop its production in Pakistan. According to Pakistani media, Honda Company has informed about this by writing a letter to Pakistani Stock Exchange. Honda car company is not alone in winding up its business in Pakistan, in the last few months many big companies have left the country. According to media reports, the fate of Pakistan is going to be similar to that of Sri Lanka. 

locked in these companies

According to Bloomberg’s report, Suzuki Motors Corporation, GSK, Amreli Steels Limited, Mittal Tractors Ltd. and Diamond Industries Ltd. Including many companies have closed their plants. These companies say that there is no one left to buy their products in Pakistan.

Let us tell you that the price of Honda City car in India is between 11-15 lakh rupees, while the price of the same car in Pakistan is more than 50 lakh rupees. Similarly, SUV cars which cost 30 lakhs in India, cost more than one crore rupees in Pakistan. 

Backbreaking inflation in Pakistan

The rate of inflation has crossed 27 percent. The Pakistani currency has lost up to 25 percent against the dollar. The condition of the public has worsened due to the backbreaking inflation. The Shahbaz government has increased the price of petrol and diesel in the country by more than 20 percent. Electricity rates have also been increased at the rate of Rs 8 per unit. The government has abolished the subsidy given to the businessmen. 

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