Pakistan Crime: ‘I touched the child, he didn’t say anything’, said a 62-year-old Pakistani man who raped a 10-year-old boy, video surfaced

Pakistan Crime: ‘I touched the child, he didn’t say anything’, said a 62-year-old Pakistani man who raped a 10-year-old boy, video surfaced

Pakistani Man Rapes Boy: A 62-year-old man allegedly raped a 10-year-old boy in Pakistan and confessed his crime in front of media cameras. The accused said that when he put his hand over the child, he did not say anything. The person is seen confessing his crime with great audacity. He also states that the child he raped was a relative’s son.

The video of a Pakistani reporter’s conversation with the accused is going viral on social media. He is seen answering the reporter’s questions. It is visible in the video that the accused elderly is wearing handcuffs and is probably present in a police station. The video was tweeted on Sunday (March 12) by the handle Pakistan Untold.

What did the old man who raped the Pakistani reporter tell?

‘It happened to me, but the child didn’t say anything’

The reporter asked, “Then what did you do with him?” The accused replies, “The child was lying with me. We had gone to his house, we are guests, he slowly followed me, I became alert. I put my hand on the child, he did not say anything, and became loose. After loosening up, I made a mistake.

The journalist asks, “Have you committed excesses?” The reporter says, “The child didn’t speak, you kept on.” The old man says, “I made a mistake, I agree.” The accused says, “Yes.”

The accused is the father of four married children

In other questions and answers, the accused also tells that he has four children of his own. Out of which two are boys and two are girls and all are married, they also have children. When the reporter told the accused that he did not realize that he is an innocent child, how would he speak? The accused did not respond to this.

When the only aim is to reach a fictional Jannat by blindly believing in a faith that has no respect/ value for others – kids or

— Pakistan Untold (@pakistan_untold) March 12, 2023

Reporter lashed out at the accused

The reporter also says that you waved your hand, he must have thought that he is our guest, don’t know what he would think.. uncle, uncle.. what would you think..” The accused also talks about remorse. The reporter gets upset on the words of the accused and says that this is Surat-e-Hal. Police worked hard day and night, caught him, now he is saying that he arrested himself, believe me, such people should be made to stand in the middle of the crossroads and shot. Lots of reactions of the users are also coming on the video. Please tell that ABP News does not confirm anything regarding this video.

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