Osama had spread terror in Uganda, 80 people of the same village were eaten alive

Osama had spread terror in Uganda, 80 people of the same village were eaten alive
Kampala: Osama had spread terror in a village in Uganda. But this terrorist was not Osama but a crocodile. This crocodile was responsible for 80 murders in the village. This crocodile had spread terror in Luganga village. People say that between 1991 and 2005, this crocodile ate almost every 10th person in the village. The name of this mosquito spreading terror is Osama. It was named after terrorist Osama bin Laden.

According to the information, this crocodile used to sit on the banks of the lake and wait for the victims. This crocodile has also made 12-year-old children its prey. Before hunting, he used to swim under the boat. This crocodile lived in Lake Victoria, the largest lake in Africa. The villagers claim that this crocodile was so powerful and dangerous that people considered it immortal.
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The victim’s brother had told the incident
According to the Sydney Morning Herald, the brother of one of the victims said, ‘I was sailing and my brother Peter was fishing in front of me. Then Osama jumped up and caught him. The crocodile jumped straight out of the water and jumped into the boat. The shore where I was in the boat sank. Peter shouted that I broke my leg. Osama grabbed him and went to the lake. A few days later I found my brother’s head and shoulders.’
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Osama was caught in 2005
Osama, who spread terror in Uganda, was caught in 2005. Wildlife officials caught it after a lot of effort. The operation to capture Osama lasted for about a week. Cow’s lungs were used to summon Osama. It was not killed when it was caught, but was shipped to a breeding program.