Osama Bin Laden: Osama Bin Laden was attracted to American singer Whitney Houston, had planned to kill her husband and get married

America: The world’s most dreaded terrorist Osama bin Laden wanted to marry American singer Whitney Houston, it has been revealed in a new book. Bin Laden was deeply in love with Whitney Houston and dreamed of making her his own. Bin Laden’s madness was such that he was ready to kill Whitney’s husband and marry her. 

The Madness of Bin Laden for Houston 

Laden was ready to spend crores for a meeting 

Kola Boof claims that bin Laden once wanted to meet Whitney Houston, for which he also contacted a person. He was ready to spend crores of rupees in exchange for a meeting with the American singer. Although this deal could not be completed and Laden’s wish remained unfulfilled. Osama thought that Whitney is a Muslim at heart, she lives as a Christian under seduction. 

While in captivity, bin Laden wanted to catch a glimpse of Whitney in Kola Boof. For this, he pressured Kola Boof many times to keep a hairstyle like Whitney. 

Let us tell that American singer Whitney Houston is considered to be the all-time popular of the world. He struggled a lot at an early age. At the age of just 48, Whitney left the world. Even today his death in the bathtub is a mystery. 

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