Omicron will not affect New Zealand’s plan to ease sanctions

Wellington, Nov 29 (AP) New Zealand’s plan to ease restrictions and move towards a new, more open phase of the global pandemic response has remained unaltered in Omicron Auckland, the novel coronavirus outbreak. Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said this on Monday.

Bars, restaurants and gyms in Auckland can reopen from Thursday, ending the coronavirus lockdown that began in August.

Across the country, a new “traffic light” system will end the lockdown, but require people to be fully vaccinated to guarantee participation in anything from getting a haircut to watching a concert.

New Zealand on Sunday banned travel from nine southern African countries in the wake of the Omicron threat. Ardern said she was not anticipating any further restrictions.

She said that as the new pattern is studied more, New Zealand will continue to do basic things like contact tracing, isolating people who fear spreading the infection and requiring the use of masks in some places.

AP Neha Arpana



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