Omicron Variant: Will another new vaccine be needed for Omicron? What do vaccine manufacturers say about this?

New variant in Kovid & zwnj; -19 & zwnj; Omicron & zwnj; The world is rocking once again after coming out in South Africa. If governments take action to combat this … Vaccine manufacturers have begun researching how the vaccines currently on the market work. Pfizer, a maker of corona vaccines, India & zwnj; Biotech, Modernna, and Gemalea are all thinking about how to deal with this new variant. Scientists say it will spread faster than the Delta variant. Current vaccines are expected to be inadequate … less effective. & Nbsp;

The large number of mutations in the Omicron variant first discovered in South Africa is of concern. Cases have been traced to more than a dozen countries in South Africa. & nbsp; That is why the governments of those countries are enforcing & nbsp; strict sanctions. Borders closed and travel restrictions imposed. & Nbsp;

Spike & zwnj; More than 30 mutations in the protein region & zwnj; The newly discovered Omicron & zwnj; Variant & zwnj ;. This causes the immune system in the body to & quot; Will be damaged. The omicron variant & zwnj; Grows in the body. That’s why Aims wants to critically evaluate vaccines and find new solutions. Chief & zwnj; Dr. & zwnj; Randeep Gularia.

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What do vaccine manufacturers say about this …
Russian Gamalia Institute: & nbsp;
New variant of the Sputnig We Kovid vaccine & zwnj; Announced that it would work effectively in combating Omicron. Research has already begun on this … The full range of medicine will be available soon, the statement said. Sputnik & nbsp; produced by the Gamalia Institute. V, Sputnik Light & zwnj; RDIIP claims to neutralize Omicron, as well as other mutations. Head & zwnj; Kirill & zwnj; Dimitriev & zwnj; Said. Kirill Dimitriev said they had the ability to prepare the vaccine in 45 days, even if the vaccine needed to be updated. Mentioned. & Nbsp;

Omicron variant & zwnj; The U.S. & zwnj; Based & zwnj; Modernna company said. The vaccine is expected to be available in early 2022. The vaccine currently available will be available for protection in the next two to three weeks. The new vaccine is expected to be available by 2022.

Pfizer – Biotech & zwnj ;: US & zwnj; AAP reports that the company has started working on new variants, especially the Omicron variant. Pfizer is currently developing its vaccine, Omicron. Testing against variant. & Nbsp;

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