Omicron Symptoms: What are the omikron variants of anxiety, what are the symptoms?

New Delhi: Amid a renewed worldwide panic over Omicron, South African physician Angelique Quays spoke out. He was the first to find this variant among his patients. However, the victims showed mild symptoms and recovered without being admitted to the hospital, he said. & Nbsp;

He said that in the last 10 days, he has seen about 30 patients suffering from corona. However, their symptoms were a bit unfamiliar. The ultimate fatigue is seen in the victims. Which is not normal in young patients. Most patients are under 40 years of age and male. Less than 50 percent of them have been vaccinated.

Symptoms seen in Omicron –

Angelique Quiz told BBC Sunday in an interview that the symptoms in the Omicron variant It turns out to be quite mild. It started with a 33-year-old male patient. The patient told him that he had been feeling extremely tired for the past few days. There was pain in the body, with a headache. There was also mild pain in the muscles. Dry cough. Only a few have high fever.

On November 18, seven of his 30 patients were diagnosed with this variant. He immediately informed the health officials. Said, this variant does not match with the Delta variant. Such is the news from AFP sources. Soon after, on November 25, South African scientists announced a new variant of Hadish Mela. As a result, travel bans on South Africa were announced. & Nbsp; Which is having multiple mutations. However, Angelique Quiz has an objection to this. According to him, it is unfortunate. Because, the intensity of this variant is not known yet. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp;

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