Omicron Modi Review: A plan to impose sanctions on African flights .. Prime Minister Modi’s review on the spread of Omicron!

New variant on corona virus "Omicron" Demand for this specialty has grown significantly as a result of recent corporate scandals. Prime Minister Narendra Modi spent two hours reviewing the situation in Corona with his superiors. Demands have been heard from several states to cancel flights from African countries. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has directed officials to review plans to ease restrictions on international travel.

PM Narendra Modi chaired a comprehensive meeting which lasted for almost 2 hours to review the public health preparedness & amp; vaccination-related situation for Covid-19 this morning: PMO

& mdash; ANI (@ANI) November 27, 2021

Also Read: " Omicron & zwnj;" The World Health Organization (WHO) has expressed concern over the variant. Many countries’ restrictions on the arrival of Africans! Modi suggested. He said there was a need to monitor all those who came internationally. Make sure you follow the Kovid protocols. Vaccination To speed up the process .. Everyone should be vaccinated as a matter of duty. Modi advised people to take two doses. & nbsp;

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New variant of the virus in South Africa & zwnj; Omicron & zwnj; As it spreads, international travelers will be thoroughly tested and the virus & zwnj; Authorities have prepared a report on what steps can be taken to prevent the spread. Authorities have been instructed to take steps to be vigilant from time to time on new variants. Corona variant launched in South Africa & zwnj; The WHO warned that it was extremely dangerous. Some countries already have the virus & zwnj; Air traffic was banned to prevent the spread. As part of precautionary measures, the US has imposed travel restrictions on seven countries, including South Africa and Zimbabwe.

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