OMG: In exchange for the HIV acquired from the girlfriend, the boyfriend gave something that shocked the world.

In love with a woman older in age (Love Story) to do if a person’s life is overshadowed. So the man who was shocked by the betrayal received from the woman also got the girlfriend (Girlfriend Murder) was given such a punishment of betrayal, seeing and hearing which the world trembled. The interesting thing is that the love (loveIn this dangerous punishment of treason in the part of the married girlfriend, she herself could not see it. At present, the police have arrested the accused boyfriend (Killer Boyfriend) was arrested. If the accused is declared guilty by the court, then he can be sentenced to 25 years in jail.

really dirty Love This is the story of devastation in this story of a married woman and her unmarried friend. young man with woman affair Was going on. The woman did not let it be known for a long time that she was married. about two years between love affairs walked. Suddenly one day when the young man saw the woman’s laptop, his head fell. While the woman’s laptop revealed all the sensational secrets, the young man also found dirty movies in his laptop. Due to which the young man suspects that woman (girlfriend) but deepened. One day the man came to know that the woman had betrayed him.

girlfriend intentionally cheated

because the woman knew that she herself HIV infected (AIDS) is. Even after this, the woman, knowing her truth, made physical relations by hiding everything from the young man. Due to which the young man (boyfriend) also became a victim of deadly disease like AIDS. When the young man came to know about this truth, he got very angry. But he did not express the anger present in his heart and mind in front of the woman. Thinking that if he told everything to the woman in anger, she would be alert. After which the young man will not be able to take revenge from him. According to the report of Daily Mail, this is a sensational incident of betrayal in love. America Of Queens Of.

heart-wrenching punishment for treason

The name of the boyfriend who killed his girlfriend many years older is David Bonola (David Bonola, Forcibly sent from the world with the charge of betrayal on his head, the name of the woman / girlfriend is Orsolya Gaal (Orsolya Gaal, The age of the woman was 51 years. While her boyfriend is about 44 years old. One day, David Bonola killed the traitor girlfriend by slitting her throat. When the police arrested the accused, he exposed all these sensational facts. The accused confessed that Orsolya Gaal, the mother of two children, had hidden a lot from him. He even hid the fact that he was married.

The woman hid the fact that she was suffering from HIV

She also kept hiding that she had AIDS. The punishment for this betrayal of the woman was found by the young man after getting infected with AIDS. During interrogation, the accused clearly confessed that he did not intend to kill the girlfriend. He wanted his relationship to last. On all his efforts, but that traitor of the woman turned water. In which he hid the matter from the young man till he was infected with HIV. Due to which the young man also came in the grip of a deadly disease like AIDS and ruined his life. One of the main reasons for the murder of the woman was to hide the fact that she was infected with AIDS.

Another reason for killing girlfriend

Along with this, there was also a reason that she used to have physical relations with this young man as well as with many other men. Therefore, the betrayal in love did not digest the young man in any way. As soon as he got the chance, he killed the girlfriend by punishing her for her misdeeds. So that what the woman did to this young man, she could not do to anyone else. According to the accused, he had thrown the woman’s laptop into the Hudson River after her murder. It was the same Hudson River on which they often met.

Hearing the punishment, you will get goosebumps

After killing, the young man threw the girlfriend’s body in a briefcase. According to the police teams investigating, when the police found the body of the woman, Orsolya had 60 stab wounds on her body. Means stunned by the girlfriend’s antics and betrayal, the boyfriend had caused the woman to die a heart-wrenching death. If American lawmakers are to be believed, if the accused of murder of a girlfriend is proved against the young man, then he can be sentenced to 25 years in prison by the court.