Nothing will spoil the Omicron variant! This country was already ready, very close to making a ‘new vaccine’

A new variant of Corona has arrived and is spreading rapidly in Europe. There is currently no concrete information about how this variant affects the vaccine. But a relief news has come out from Britain. It is being claimed that a British vaccine with strong protection against the super mutant Kovid strain is already in its final testing stages. Test results on the formula developed by the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine team are due in the next few days. If this formula is found effective against the new variant, it could be ready for use in a few weeks. This news has been given by immunologist Professor Sir John Bell, a member of the Government’s Vaccine Task Force. He also revealed that it is currently too late to prevent the new variant from entering our borders from Southern Africa.

Modified vaccine may have to be used He said that it may be necessary to use modified forms of the vaccine if the vaccines currently being used prove to be ineffective. However, the good thing is that Britain was prepared for this amendment to a large extent. The credit goes to the members of the Oxford AstraZeneca team. The recent AZ formula was originally created in South Africa to fight the variants found earlier, which had caused widespread worldwide destruction before Delta.

‘Signs to be less deadly than early symptoms’Sir John and his Oxford University colleagues are closely monitoring the new variant B1.1.529, which has 30 mutations and was discovered only last week. It is named ‘Omicron’. Scientists are trying to learn more about its spread and its severity. It has already infected people in South Africa and is spreading rapidly. But John says early signs are that it may be less dangerous than other strains


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